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Why Trip & Travel Health Insurance Is A Must

The old saying of "it will never happen to me" until it actually does comes to mind when discussing this topic.  You are on vacation & the unthinkable happens, someone gets sick, injured, & they need medical attention now.   You are in a foreign country, have no idea what to do, where to go, who to contact,  & how you are going to cover all the costs that must be paid up front.  This is obviously a situation everyone hopes to never be in but could always happen.  

Before I started Just One More Day Travel I never took the time to look into options like this.  With starting this company my job is to make sure my clients are taken care of in every way possible.  After speaking with International Medical Group & taking the time to learn about the different travel insurance packages that are offered to a group of up to 10 people, I can say with confidence, I will never put myself in the situation again of traveling without it.  Not only do they offer 3 different packages with different levels of medical care, but they also include overall travel insurance having to do with medical evacuations, lost luggage, electronics, & so much more.

 My outlook now is, hopefully I never have to use it for any reason, but if I do I know that myself & anyone I travel with will be prepared & taken care of in whatever the situation is.  

The link below will allow you to enter in your parties information & will generate 3 plans, specific to your group.   If you have any questions as to what these plans cover & want to know more please reach out to me so I can better assist with answering questions before you choose an option.  I can be reached at 

(724)980-2460 or with questions.

If you have selected a plan & are traveling the Emergency Contact Information is listed below 

& available 24/7:

USA & CANADA +1 (800) 628-4664

WORLDWIDE +1 (317) 655-4500

*Press 0 between 7am-6pm ( EST )Press 9 between 6pm-7am ( EST )*