"Travel far enough that you meet yourself"  

Little did I know it but when I booked a trip for my husband & I five years ago to a little island located 8 miles off the coast of Cancun that "meeting myself" was exactly what would happen.  

I always loved to travel but there was something different when I stepped off the ferry at Isla Mujeres, I don't know if it was the vibrant colors of the buildings, the gracious locals, or the crystal blue water that took my breath away, but it was something unlike any place I had experienced & it stuck with me.  

Since then we have been lucky enough to take countless trips back to the island, meeting friends that are now family, eating the freshest seafood, figuring out the best happy hours, & most importantly, creating  memories with the people we love that I will forever be thankful for.

Just One More Day Travel was brought to life because I want everyone to have the same magic in their experience.  I want to help answer all the questions & plan the details for your next trip.  My goal is to make this a trip for you that the only worry is figuring out how many days until you return!


"Travel is the only thing that you can buy 

that makes you richer"